Mouvements de pensée

Art catalogue design, illustrations and cover image for the exhibition “Mouvements de pensée" of Belgian architecture-artist Koen Deprez at the Negenpuntnegen gallery in Roeselare (Belgium). The exhibition shows the hybrid character and the multitude of projects within Koen Deprez's oeuvre. The plan was conceived to bring a series of works together in a monumental museum display case, in order to enhance the formal coherence of the exhibition. The isometric drawings in signal yellow (RAL 1003) translate this coherence into the catalog and act as a visual tool for the visitors. The catalog cover design is an infinite loop (spine and fore edge) of the artist's work, overlapping and merging, referring to the title 'mouvements de pensée' (movements of thought)

Classic demimatt 130 gr/m2, 300 gr/m2, A4 format, 44 pages, © Peter Chinitor | Zazourian 2020