Laten we het maanlicht doden!

Uccidiamo il Chiaro di Luna! Laten we het maanlicht doden! Let's murder the moonlight! Futurist manifesto by Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1909)
In december 1993, during the last year at the Sint-Lukas Brussels University College, on the initiative of the Flemish Ministry of Education, a number of students had the opportunity to design a carpet via the Sophis CAD/CAM software for the Textile industry. The carpets were made by Osta Carpets and were shown on expositions in Kortrijk, Ghent and Brussels in 1994.

At the same moment I immersed myself in the world of power stations and electrical substations. I was writing a thesis concerning the architectural aspects of electrical substations in Flanders. In collaboration with my promoter A. Florin, production manager at the power plant of Langerbrugge, I cruised every weekend, during a whole year, across the land, collecting and photographing particular substations.

cut-pile carpet, 200 x 300 cm: cotton, pile: wool
edition of 5, private collections. © Peter Chinitor | Zazourian 1994