CC Westrand

‘Westrand’ at Dilbeek, close to Brussels was designed by Alfons Hoppenbrouwers in 1973 as a concrete building, inspired by the brutalist philosophy and architecture of Le Corbusier. In the ingenious concept, the program of the building (a cultural center, restaurant, theater, public library, gallery and academy) is placed around a central indoor street with ramps, staircases, squares, bridges, a cozy fire place, hiding places, a pond, an even a concrete playground. Until today this indoor street is still a place were people could meet and children play. The building is situated on the edge of the nature reserve 'Wolfsputten'.

Alfons Hoppenbrouwers (1930-2001), was a Belgian architect, painter and emeritus professor at St Luke's Institute in Brussels.

Series taken at CC Westrand, Dilbeek (Belgium) | © Peter Chinitor | Zazourian 2012


Concrete textures

Indoor street towards the gallery

Indoor street towards the library

Indoor street towards the exit

Deck facing the nature reserve

Connection with nature

Cantilevered roof

Polished by use

Polished by use too



Hiding place


Tower of the playground

Window of the library