The Weverbergh House

'The Weverbergh house is one of the single-family houses Willy Van Der Meeren built after the World Fair of 1958, each different from the others, but all with equally original syntheses of material, form and constructive idea.' The house was built for the writer Julien Weverbergh and his family. (the furniture showed is not designed by WVDM)

Willy Van der Meeren (1923-2002) was a Belgian architect and furniture designer, and member of the CIAM congress in 1959. Willy Van Der Meeren designed some amazing pieces for Tubax, a manufacturer known for it's role in pioneering modernism in Belgium. Van der Meeren believed in the simplicity of design and once said: "I am not an artist, nor a designer, I am a builder...

Series taken at the Weverbergh house, Teralfene (Belgium) | © Peter Chinitor | Zazourian 2012